Used Iliad, Torn page Odyssey

Sanjukt Saha
1 min readMar 4, 2024

The five penny shaving cream,
my old school razor. You moved them from near the sink,
then you walked across the freezer.

The books on the rack, were they too heavy?
Used Iliad, torn page Odyssey

Two square meters, the room with the cloth washer
Coiled clothesline behind, the leftovers from last winter

Hurtful fasteners
Clothespinners in the sunlight
Don’t you remember
How they swayed when we weren’t looking

You forget to push, the door no longer jambed on my shoulders
Do you know that I counted, if you’d knock more than some number

Used Iliad, missing page poetry
The broken toy duck, it won’t float ever on water

My toothbrush lay neatly, out of place near the razor
Steel and nylon, make strange companions in the summer

One year later
As I look at the picture
It isn’t me behind the door
My sandals, lie parallel on the floor

Hurtful Clothespinners
Toy ducks in yellow glory
My old school razor
Lying over a plastic story
A strange knock on the door
As I lie on the floor

Used Illiad
Torn page Odyssey
A strange knock on the door
As I lie on the floor